Monday, 24 June 2019

Hello Hobby Zoners! so yesterday on a fine sunny Saturday in London my good buddy David G. popped over for some painting time. He brought with him the new GW Contrast paints which I am going to talk about a little now. 

Well I applied them over a normal primer with Army Painter white, then after shaking the bottle for 30 seconds to thoroughly mix the paint I carefully applied the paint, it goes on really nicely without the need to thin it at all. Make sure you apply a slightly thick even coat all over the areas on the model you want to paint.

It does not pool in the same way wash usually does, it is more sticky but once dry gives a very nice effect almost like i had primed + based + and applied shade/wash. The operative word is that it is super effective at what it does and it removes a step from your painting, which saves alot of time. And it just works, you cant really screw it up too much. 

So here I have painted only with a few colours from the GW Contrast range. My initial reaction was pleasant surprise as i was a bit sceptical how good they actually would be. And the truth is they are excellent!

I definitely recommend them to any painters wanting more tools in their hobby toolbox. They are worth the money in my opinion but situational. You wont use them on everything, but say priming silver then applying GW Contrast colours gives a very nice metallic effect, and i can see this being used in such a fashion alot. 

I would rate the paints a 5/5 for effectiveness and convenience and for the results you get they are decent value as they are 18ml bottles compared to the 12ml for regular GW paints and 24ml for GW shades/washes. I really think you all should try them for yourselves. 

Till next time Hobby Zoners!