Sunday 12 September 2021

Its been awhile...

hiya Hobby Zoners!

its been awhile since my last post... RL has caused me to be busy in other areas... i have been doing Gameboy repairs and modding since last October... its kept me busy and also away from my hobby desk! but i am back... this weekend i started work on the Cerastus Knights from Adeptus Titanicus... they are assembled and tonight i primed them... will be working on a pair of Warhounds on Sunday...

anywayd its good to be back posting here on the Blog... i aim to do at least a weekly post every weekend... so keep an eye open...

amyways wish all of you lovely people a great remains of the weekend...

catch you all soon!

Sunday 22 November 2020

Long time no Blog...

Hiya Hobby Zoners!

Its been a very long time... In UK Brexit is still ongoing and the World has been dealing with the Pandemic... 

For me i stopped updating the Blog as i was side tracked with other things... But now i wanted to resurrect my Blog...

I had so much fun updating it for a very long time and if am honest i really miss doing it... I want to aim for at least one update a week... Possibly on a Sunday evening....

Anyways some of my Gaming Club Crew (who are also my D&D Crew) are doing a Hobby Challenge where each of us builds/converts a model abd paints it to gift as an Xmas present... 

So without further delay here is my model to be gifted to Parkey... (Bryan P.) he runs the awesome Varchild's Vault Hobby Blog... 

I also decided to make a model for David G. And Neil F.

Anyways Xmas is fast approaching...  What are your Hobby related aims and goals? Let me know in the comments...

Thanks for looking and till next time Hobby Zoners!

Monday 24 June 2019

Hello Hobby Zoners! so yesterday on a fine sunny Saturday in London my good buddy David G. popped over for some painting time. He brought with him the new GW Contrast paints which I am going to talk about a little now. 

Well I applied them over a normal primer with Army Painter white, then after shaking the bottle for 30 seconds to thoroughly mix the paint I carefully applied the paint, it goes on really nicely without the need to thin it at all. Make sure you apply a slightly thick even coat all over the areas on the model you want to paint.

It does not pool in the same way wash usually does, it is more sticky but once dry gives a very nice effect almost like i had primed + based + and applied shade/wash. The operative word is that it is super effective at what it does and it removes a step from your painting, which saves alot of time. And it just works, you cant really screw it up too much. 

So here I have painted only with a few colours from the GW Contrast range. My initial reaction was pleasant surprise as i was a bit sceptical how good they actually would be. And the truth is they are excellent!

I definitely recommend them to any painters wanting more tools in their hobby toolbox. They are worth the money in my opinion but situational. You wont use them on everything, but say priming silver then applying GW Contrast colours gives a very nice metallic effect, and i can see this being used in such a fashion alot. 

I would rate the paints a 5/5 for effectiveness and convenience and for the results you get they are decent value as they are 18ml bottles compared to the 12ml for regular GW paints and 24ml for GW shades/washes. I really think you all should try them for yourselves. 

Till next time Hobby Zoners!

Monday 3 December 2018

Welcome back Hobby Zoners!

A smallish update tonight from me, just have some photos of the progress I made on those Blood Angel Successors Primarus (Inceptors) and some Dark Angels Primarus Hellblasters.
Also did a little work on on the DA Intercessor Sgt. as his face needed doing.

Hope you all enjoy the photos!

And many thanks for taking the time to look. :]

Till next time Hobby Zoners!

Sunday 2 December 2018

Hello Hobby Zoners!

Got some progress on my Relic Deredeo for Warhammer 40K. I managed to almost finish him and also do the basing too. He looks rather cool. I went with a desert base to contrast with the green armour. I also used some dead grass tufts just to enhance the overall look.

I think Tassitus One is almost ready, only thing left was the eye lenses but I am waiting on some paints to do the glow effect.

Also I have made more progress on those Blood Angel Successor Primarus.

Here are some pics of the Relic Deredeo Sniper Tassitus One.

I will post more photos on Sunday, but for now I bid you all goodnight. :]

Till the morrow Hobby Zoners!

Thursday 1 November 2018

Hello again Hobby Zoners!

So a good buddy of mine was selling some Warhammer 40K stuff he didn't need.
So I messaged him and Lewis dropped the bits off this Wednesday evening. We chatted and discussed hobby stuff before he had to leave. 

Then I went through everything. There were forty-two Primarus all told, a mix of some Intercessors, Reivers, Hellblasters, Inceptors and various character models including a Standard Bearer and Hero in Gravis Armour. All in all it was an amazing deal and I was super happy to get such great models.

So looking at them I noticed Lewis had started painting a few in a red scheme.
Just base colour and wash, but that gave me an idea to run those Primarus as an allied contingent of Flesh Tearers or another Blood Angel Successors Chapter.

The rest I sprayed using Army Painter Angels Green spray then I washed them with GW Nuln Oil. (I am still getting through some of the Reivers and Hellblasters right now)

The red Primarus, including some Intercessors, Inceptors and all the Heroes I will continue painting. Lewis did a good job of putting these models together and the fact he had started the painting on a few just made me think that it would be a waste to have to strip them when I could try out a new scheme.

So I have been painting them yesterday and today. Though I had been battling depression for a few months, I find hobby time is really helpful and relaxing. It keeps my mind calm and is a very good distraction from thinking about things that would otherwise cause me some turmoil.

I only mention this as I know some hobbyists struggle with Mental Health stuff and wanted to say that they are not alone. Its good to support each other and be helpful and kind.

The Wargaming Community can be a toxic place online sometimes but generally the gaming communities are full of great people and that is one of the things that always struck me about our hobby.

These is what I got from Lewis the other day.

Anyways some photos of what I am working on...

The Reivers and Hellblasters after two light coats of Army Painter Angels Green spray. It goes on very smooth but of course you need to make sure your ambient temperature and humidity are OK or it will affect your results.

These are the colours I am using on the armour of the Primarus.

This is after the third and final stage of progressively lighter drybrushing, now onto blacking out the other details.

Also a photo of those Dark Angels (DA) Primarus Intercessors I have been working on for the past week or so. They are 60-70% complete with just a few more details to be finished and the face of the Sergeant left to do. I am aiming for a good tabletop standard here, nothing super fancy.

This is it for tonight but I wish all of you a great few days! Till next Time Hobby Zoners farewell! :]

Monday 29 October 2018

Welcome back Hobby Zoners!

I do hope you all had a cracking weekend, but it is late on Monday night and the new week has already started. I do hope some of you managed to get some hobby time in over this past weekend, I myself was working on a few projects tonight.

It is still very much work in progress, but so far happy with my results.
I am not the best painter but I like to push myself and learn new skills, tonight i made an attempt at rust effects. 

Though quite crude the spots of rust around the rivets is not to bad.
The method I used was dabbing a tiny spot of Army Painter orange paint just under the rivet, I repeated this on all the main rivets all over the Relic Deredeo Dreadnought.

Once dry I dabbed a spot of Games Workshop Nuln Oil wash and made a kinda streaking effect with it. 
The results are OK, I clearly need to refine this method for an improved overall look but it is a start.

Also was working on some Dark Angels Primarus Veterans for Kill Team.
These are still very much early days but you can see from the photos how things are looking.

This was just a quick update from me but I will no doubt catch you all soon... Till then farewell! :]

Saturday 20 October 2018

Welcome Hobby Zoners!

I have some news! I managed to order a really useful paint storage rack for my Army Painter/Vallejo paints.

It was a UK based seller and they have lots of interesting MDF products and hobby accessories.
I was really impressed with the quality and the rack also came with very clear photocopied instructions so it was simplicity itself to put together in 20 minutes using Mitre FAST (industrial super glue). 

Shipping was fast (2 days) and free and the item was packaged securely wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box. So overall I was 100% happy with the service and product.

The rack now holds all of my paints/washes with a little space for additional colours, (the new rack can store 120 paints).
I also ordered a new paint set by Vallejo. The Panzer Aces set No.1, I wanted some more realistic muted colours for my Dropzone Resistance and these fit the bill nicely.

I will have more updates later this weekend... Till then Hobby Zoners farewell! :]

Saturday 6 October 2018

Hello Hobby Zoners!

I do hope you are all having a great weekend. I am catching up on hobby projects this weekend and just completed the build on a Tamiya 1/35 JGSDF LAV. 
It is a lovely kit to build and is incredibly detailed, right down to individual door handles and headlights as well as internal detail.

I will be using the LAV in games at my club as a stand in for the GW Taurox. (though I will probably create some custom rules to take advantage of the unique nature of the LAV) 
It is a rough equivalent to the Taurox in its role though I will need to add some GW details to it at some point so right now it is almost but not quite finished.

I included a photo with some GW Scions for scale purposes.

Till next time Hobby Zoners, Farewell!