Thursday, 31 May 2018

Hello Hobby Zoners!

A short update from me, this week I picked up some Netrunner tokens from the wonderful people at Cog 'O' Two. They make excellent laser cut acrylic accessories for various games.

I had been meaning to pick these up for AGES but always got side tracked and never got round to it, at least till now!

They are truly lovely and the detail is very crisp. I also love the designs and the various colours. These will definitely make my Netrunner games more enjoyable!

Cog 'O' Two

Till next time!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Mayhem Part 3

Hello Hobby Zoners!

So here we have the last part of my write up of the Mayhem 40K Tournament.

My Game 4 was against Lewis. He was running Death Guard with Mortarion himself.

This was another tough game. I faced a line of Cultists which made deepstriking my Deathwing impossible, some Plague Crawlers, Death Guard Marines, Mortarion, and a Blight Drone.
I placed my Land Raider and Deredeo centrally to cover the angles, my Company Veterans and my Chaplain to cover the right flank. I held my Deathwing in reserve.

Lewis advanced Mortarion and his Blight Drone. they closed on my LR and the Deredeo.
The Plague Crawlers bombarded my position from afar. He also slowly advanced his line of Cultists. The Plague Crawlers were a real pain as they were able to hit my positions with impunity. I already experienced this in my first game against Dave's Death Guard Force.

I did what shooting I could with the LR and my Deredeo. Chipping away at Mortarion and the Blight Drone. Over the course of several turns I lost the LR. The Blight Drone engaged my Vets with its corrosive flamers but I managed to destroy it with concentrated fire from the Vets and my Deredeo. 

Mortarion was extremely tough and his special abilities were tricky to deal with. But after teleporting my Deathing in and concentrated fire from them and my Deredeo I managed to Kill Mortarion. I think it was pretty close in VP but Lewis won the game in the end. 

So this was my last game and another enjoyable one. I played 4 really nice players who made the games alot of fun and though the lists each one brought were formidable I still enjoyed the day immensely.

Till next time Hobby Zoners! Takecare.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Mayhem Tournament Part 2

So onto my Game 3, I played James who was running an Imperial Knights list, one close combat Knight which was his Warlord and two with Thermal Cannons.
As they could not hold Relics I had a big advantage as long as I could survive till turn 6.

My Land Raider and Deredeo focussed on one of the Knights on the right side, slowly chipping away at its wounds. Once the Knights closed on my position by turn 2, one of them close assaulted the Deredeo.

That did not end well and it was reduced to molten slag. The Land Raider survived a little longer inflicting some more wounds on that particular Knight.

(I figured the best way to deal with them was focus ALL my fire-power on a single Knight until it was destroyed and move on to the next one.)

My Deathwing had teleported down onto the central bunker roof where there was another Relic. They also focussed their fire-power on the Warlord Knight and after a full turn of shooting they destroyed it! However that Knight near the Chaplain moved towards them and killed them all in 2 turns of shooting.

So the Interrogator Chaplain and the Company Veterans on the left flank took some fire from one of the other Knights. By turn 4 only the Chaplain was left. There was a Relic quite close but the Knight nearby posed a real challenge.

This allowed the Chaplain to sneak in and grab the Relic. So by Turn 6 the Knight fired all its weapons at the Chaplain. Amazingly my Chaplain made ALL his saves and we then rolled to see if there would be a turn 7. However the game ended on turn 6 and I was of course holding a Relic which just won me the game.

The Chaplain was the sole survivor and honestly I was sure he would fail some of his armour saves. So Game 3 was a win for me!

My opponent James's 3 Knight list. Quite formidable!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Hello Hobby Zoners!

Greetings from the Intrawebs, apologies for the lack of recent updates but I have something for you all. 

Yesterday my local hobby club (First Founding Gaming) held their Annual Mayhem Warhammer 40K Tournament. We actually run two such events a year. Mayhem and Octoberfest, held during May and October. 

The events are hugely popular and bring together a diverse group of 40K Players. The format of late has been a single day/four game event and this was the first time running things in 8th Edition (at 1250 points). 

When tickets for our event were available they sold out very quickly and I missed out on picking them up. So it looked like I would attend to help out and maybe take some photos instead.

But at the 11th Hour David G. PM'd me on Whatsapp and asked me if I still wanted to play as someone had dropped out. I gladly said yes and prepared a very simple little 1250 points list for the day.** I thought about taking a DA Flyer then decided to take my favourite choice the Deredeo Relic Dreadnought and build my list around that.

So Game 1, I was matched up against an old friend Dave R. (both Him and his son Alex were both playing on the day). Dave was taking a Nurgle Daemon list with two Daemon Princes, three Nurgle Plague Crawlers and Cultists with some Nurglings.

The Plague Crawlers are indirect fire artillery really so they can shoot anywhere on the board within range without needing Line of Sight. This was most vexing as he rained down a huge amount of fire on my Deredeo and Land Raider (LR).

His Daemon Princes were using their Psychic Powers quite effectively throughout the whole game reducing wounds on my LR and my Deredeo.

I lost Company Veterans to weight of fire. My LR also took alot of damage but I managed to return fire over the course of several turns and removed from play two of his Plague Crawlers and a Daemon Prince before it was finally destroyed.

Dave did however play the Mission and scored most of the objectives and won the game. But for the Dark Angels it was a moral victory. The removal of a Daemon Prince and two Plague Crawlers was no mean feat but I failed to score the objectives dotted around the board. I lost but had a great time in so doing.

Game 2, I matched up against Matt with his Custodes list. It was solely comprised of ten Custodes Dawneagle Jetbikes (Vertus Praetors) with Shield Captains. They move so fast! and they have Hurricane Bolters and they are very efficient in close combat. 

(Custodes are like the elite of all the Imperial Space Marines, even above Grey Knights. They are the Emperors bodyguard and are based on Terra. They have access to rare technology not used by any other Space Marines.)

Anyways the battle was fought table end to end so we had a 24 inch deployment area. I placed my forces close to various objectives with the hope I would be able to reduce the enemies numbers as they advanced before they could get into close combat range. 

Well I really underestimated how fast they cover distance. By turn two they were almost in my deployment zone and with concentrated shooting I barely managed to kill two of them.
Once Matt close assaulted my Deredeo and Land Raider it was pretty much all over. I lost my Company Veterans to close combat and only the Deathwing remained on the table to then get killed by turn five I think. Again no survivors!

Matt was a great guy to play and honestly I did not mind having my force wiped out to the last man. He even apologised for bringing such a brutal list. Another loss for me and another fun game!

So I will post the Game 3 & 4 write up next. Stay tuned!

** My DA List
1 x Laindraider, 1 x Deredeo (Autocannon/Heavy Flamers/Missiles), 1 x Interrorgator Chaplain, 9 x DA Company Veterans, 5 x Deathwing (Plasma Cannon/Cyclone Missiles)