Monday, 29 October 2018

Welcome back Hobby Zoners!

I do hope you all had a cracking weekend, but it is late on Monday night and the new week has already started. I do hope some of you managed to get some hobby time in over this past weekend, I myself was working on a few projects tonight.

It is still very much work in progress, but so far happy with my results.
I am not the best painter but I like to push myself and learn new skills, tonight i made an attempt at rust effects. 

Though quite crude the spots of rust around the rivets is not to bad.
The method I used was dabbing a tiny spot of Army Painter orange paint just under the rivet, I repeated this on all the main rivets all over the Relic Deredeo Dreadnought.

Once dry I dabbed a spot of Games Workshop Nuln Oil wash and made a kinda streaking effect with it. 
The results are OK, I clearly need to refine this method for an improved overall look but it is a start.

Also was working on some Dark Angels Primarus Veterans for Kill Team.
These are still very much early days but you can see from the photos how things are looking.

This was just a quick update from me but I will no doubt catch you all soon... Till then farewell! :]

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