Saturday, 20 October 2018

Welcome Hobby Zoners!

I have some news! I managed to order a really useful paint storage rack for my Army Painter/Vallejo paints.

It was a UK based seller and they have lots of interesting MDF products and hobby accessories.
I was really impressed with the quality and the rack also came with very clear photocopied instructions so it was simplicity itself to put together in 20 minutes using Mitre FAST (industrial super glue). 

Shipping was fast (2 days) and free and the item was packaged securely wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box. So overall I was 100% happy with the service and product.

The rack now holds all of my paints/washes with a little space for additional colours, (the new rack can store 120 paints).
I also ordered a new paint set by Vallejo. The Panzer Aces set No.1, I wanted some more realistic muted colours for my Dropzone Resistance and these fit the bill nicely.

I will have more updates later this weekend... Till then Hobby Zoners farewell! :]

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